Advancing Towards Sustainability: Tyre Management in Mining

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Embracing a Sustainable Future

The mining industry, a significant consumer of off-the-road (OTR) tyres, faces growing challenges and opportunities in recycling and management. The WHY AFRICA publication provides a deep dive into this crucial topic, revealing how sustainability is becoming a pivotal sector aspect.

Legislative Drive for Recycling

Countries like Chile are introducing groundbreaking legislation mandating the recycling of mining tyres, setting a benchmark for the industry. These regulations underscore a shift from traditional linear models to more circular, eco-friendly practices, aiming for 100% recycling by 2030.

Recycling Challenges and Innovations

Handling OTR tyres for recycling poses unique challenges due to their size and the scarcity of suitable recycling facilities. Innovations in this space, however, are making strides in managing these vast tyre stockpiles, which are visible even on platforms like Google Earth.

Tyres in the Circular Economy

The document by Marnus Verwey highlights the role of tyres in the circular economy, emphasising that sustainable tyre management is not just an added cost but a critical element in achieving carbon neutrality and zero waste. Mining companies can reap environmental, social, and economic benefits by incorporating circularity into their business models.

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Addressing ESG Concerns

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns are pushing mining companies to reevaluate their waste management practices. The risks associated with storing used tyres, including safety hazards and potential environmental impact, are prompting the industry to consider more sustainable practices.

Tyre Management Solutions

Developing effective tyre management solutions is essential for addressing the challenges posed by large OTR tyres. This includes finding ways to recycle or repurpose them sustainably. The document discusses the efforts to overcome logistical and cost barriers in tyre recycling.

The Impact on Mining Companies

As ESG metrics evolve, mining companies are increasingly held accountable for their environmental and social performance. Sustainable tyre management can enhance their reputation and position them as leaders in environmental stewardship.

For more information read the full insights here Why Africa Publication.

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