Meet Ethan Winterbourn

Operations Manager


With over 25 years of experience in the wheel and tyre industry, Ethan Winterbourn has been a pivotal figure in shaping its landscape. His journey, accentuated by a 15-year management tenure with the Downer and Otraco group, reflects a deep commitment to the field.

Academic Foundation

Ethan’s solid foundation in Finance & Marketing from Curtin University, coupled with his formative education at Wesley College, Perth, laid the groundwork for his distinguished career. His academic background has been instrumental in honing his strategic and operational acumen.


Ethan’s skill set is a tapestry of industry knowledge, operations management, negotiation, and continuous improvement, endorsed by peers and colleagues alike. His expertise in management, strategic planning, sales management, and more, is a testament to his well-rounded professional profile.

Leadership at Tyre Response Group

As the Director and Operations Manager at Tyre Response Group since September 2021, Ethan has been at the forefront of steering the company towards new horizons. His leadership is characterised by a commitment to driving operational excellence and delivering tailored solutions in tyre management.

Roles and Contributions

Ethan’s past roles include being the Marketing Manager at RIMEX Australia, where he leveraged his marketing strategy and business development skills. His tenure at Otraco International Pty Ltd as Diversified Products manager and his role as WA Sales & Operations Manager at Titan Australia underline his diverse capabilities in sales, operations, and product development.

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