Electrification in Mining Virtual Conference Overview

battery-powered dump truck on a mine site, electrification in the mining

The Future of Sustainable Mining The mining industry stands on the brink of a transformation, with electrification poised to redefine sustainability in mining operations worldwide. The “Electrification in Mining” virtual conference presents an unparalleled opportunity to explore the innovations driving this change. Electrification in mining promises to reduce carbon emissions, increase operational efficiency, and create […]

Innovation in Tyre Recycling Plants in Western Australia

OTR Recycling Plant

Innovation in Tyre Recycling Plants in Australia In recent years, the push towards sustainability and environmental stewardship has gained significant momentum, particularly in industries traditionally associated with high levels of waste, such as mining. A standout initiative in this movement is the development of innovative tyre recycling plants, aiming to address the mounting issue of […]

Austmine Mining Innovation Roadshow 2024


Embracing Innovation for a Sustainable Future in Mining The upcoming Austmine Mining Innovation Roadshow, set to take place on 15th March 2024 at the W Hotel in Brisbane, is a beacon for the future of the Australian mining industry. This event, themed ‘Transforming Our Future,’ focuses on embracing innovation and collaboration to drive sustainability and […]

Pioneering Sustainable Infrastructure: The Queensland Tyre Recycling Initiative


Sustainable Tyre Recycling in Australia A groundbreaking trial initiative in Queensland is looking to start transforming the mining and construction industries by repurposing used mining tyres into sustainable road materials. Environmental challenges posed by tyre waste in Australia, particularly from the mining sector, and the urgent need for sustainable disposal methods are a growing issue. […]

Advancing Towards Sustainability: Tyre Management in Mining

TRG - ESG sustainable tyre management in mining

Embracing a Sustainable Future The mining industry, a significant consumer of off-the-road (OTR) tyres, faces growing challenges and opportunities in recycling and management. The WHY AFRICA publication provides a deep dive into this crucial topic, revealing how sustainability is becoming a pivotal sector aspect. Legislative Drive for Recycling Countries like Chile are introducing groundbreaking legislation […]

Transforming the Mining Industry: The Future of Tyre Management

AI, and mining equipment

Digital technology reshaping tyre management The mining industry is on the cusp of a revolution, with the advent of digital technology reshaping tyre management. As explored in a recent report by Mining Magazine, this transformation is set to enhance mining productivity and safety significantly. The Role of Data in Tyre Management The report highlights that […]

Maximising Tyre Performance, Lifespan, and Safety in OTR Vehicles through Pressure Maintenance!


Introduction to OTR Tyre ManagementOff-the-road (OTR) tyres are pivotal to the functionality and productivity of heavy-duty vehicles. They play a crucial role in supporting the vehicle’s load, ensuring traction and braking, directing travel, absorbing road shocks, and overcoming various road challenges. At Tyre Response Group, we understand the critical nature of these components in your […]